Clinical Services

Clinical Pre-Surgical fMRI
The clinical fMRI assesments are conducted and analyzed under the supervision of Dr. Galia Tsarfaty (MD), neuroradiologist and molecular imaging researcher. Our lab provides support for all stages of clinical fMRI assessment: paradigm building, fMRI scanning and data analysis.

Clinical presurgical fMRI is used for functional mapping in patients with brain tumors and epilepsy in order to localize brain function. During the clinical fMRI scan, the patient is asked to perform basic motor, sensory and cognitive tasks (e.g., verb generation, rhyming, semantic decision) while lying in the scanner. The tasks selected in accordance with the brain function which is located in proximity to the affected brain area.
FUS Pre-Surgical Planning
Magnetic resonance guided high intensity focused ultrasound is a novel, non-invasive, image-guided procedure that is able to ablate intracranial tissue with submillimetre precision. It is currently FDA approved for essential tremor and tremor dominant Parkinson’s disease. When successful, the procedure eliminates or reduces the tremor to improve the patient’s quality of life.   
As part of this service, to the neurosurgery department in collaboration with Dr. Zion Zibli and the movements disorder institute in Sheba, the lab analyses different structural MRI scans, to assist in personalization of the surgical target. All calculated on the subject brain space. 
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